Avoiding fallacies in a thesis

! Hey, tell me what s on your mind and I ll check to see if there s any fallacies in your thinking. G. Fallacies are thoughts that can lead you to make some bad decisions and cause you a lot of emotional stress. Just click. This little app we made = instant interesting conversation, just add humans. You can also order a rather big and nice printed version to be delivered.

A logical fallacy is a flaw in reasoning. Avoiding fallacies in a thesis. Yourlogicalfallacyis.

Once you are logged in, just type in your thoughts. Rollover the icons above and click for examples. Then click the scan doc button then I ll ask you some questions to see what s up.

Hey, download the Kindle edition of. I even give you a summary at the end of our session, and I also keep track of your fallacies, and even tell you how your thinking compares to other people with a similar background as you. Imagine having over 855 genuinely curious questions in your pocket all the time.

If you see someone committing a fallacy, link them to it e. This website has been designed to help you identify and call out dodgy logic wherever it may raise its ugly, incoherent head. Our founder is using his advertising powers for good instead of evil by creating a free online school teaching creative and critical thinking skills at schoolofthought.

Com/strawmanMake yourself, your class, your friends or your kids smarter by hanging it somewhere your face is near. This clear and concise book of fallacies is Walter s handbook for avoiding these little buggers! Help us to translate into your language:

Don t be fooled! OrgCan t see your language? Hours Monday Friday: 9: 55AM 5: 55PM Saturday Sunday: 66: 55AM 8: 55PMHours Monday Friday: 9: 55AM 5: 55PM Saturday Sunday: 66: 55AM 8: 55PM Everybody has them, but they can be a pain in the butt. Logical fallacies are like tricks or illusions of thought, and they re often very sneakily used by politicians and the media to fool people.

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