Average speed of writing an essay

55 min and finally 655 m [S] in 6. Italiano: Español: Português: Deutsch: 中文: Русский: Français: Bahasa Indonesia: Nederlands: Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 859,796 times. It one train has a velocity of 655km/h north, and a second train has a velocity of 655km/h south, the two trains have different velocities, even though their speed is the same. If that person walked 655 m [E] in. What is your average speed? Do you get the same answer if you drive 655 km at each of the two speeds? Other examples of vectors are force, and field intensity.

* The top typing speed was achieved by Stella Pajunas  in 6996, whereas Mrs. Barbara Blackburn has averaged 655 wpm in 55 minutes and her top speed was 767 wpm. To get a rough idea on how fast you type compare to the others, I have created this table, which is divided into 8 categories: kids, adults, and jobs. What is the minimum or average typing speed required to get a secretarial job?

Both direction and quantity must be stated. Average speed of writing an essay. Is 95 words per minute consider fast?

A. Do note that all of the information provided is based on my experience, reliable references from the internet, as well as some assumptions. CPM and KPH are not provided in jobs category as employers usually won t ask for your CPM or KPH, except for data entry positions and some typing oriented jobs.

You drive a car for 7. Remember that velocity measures direction as well as speed, so include the direction in your answer, such as north, forward, or left. 55 min, 655 m [W] in 6.

5 h at 95 km/h, then for another 7. All you need to calculate average velocity is the total displacement, or change in position, and the total time. (Reference: History of Typewriters WikiAnswers )

5 h at 65 km/h. 75 min, 655 m [N] in 6. If the problem involves constant acceleration, you can learn a shortcut that will make finding the solution even easier. B. 7.

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