Analysis of trifles essay

The main thing we want to know is why Mrs. Wright snapped and offed her hubby. The title also works on a larger level: it also represents how women as a whole are treated like unimportant trifles. Lewis Hale recounts how he discovered acting bizarrely, as she told him that her husband was murdered while she was sleeping. Sure, it's pretty obvious from the beginning that Mrs. Wright killed her husband. It's no big secret how Trifles qualifies as drama. “Trifles” are defined as things which have no value and are considered to be insignificant. The men continually disparage the women for worrying about trifles instead of about the case, but Henderson allows the women to collect some items for Mrs. Wright, who is in custody, as long as he agrees that the objects are irrelevant to the case.

Trifles study guide contains literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis. Although a gun had been in the house, Wright was gruesomely strangled with a rope. Trifles might also qualify as a parable since it's a pretty simple story with a strong message. Ironically, the men who are so determined to find convicting evidence look past the observations of their wives because they're seen as insignificant.

Unlike a lot of mysteries, though, this isn't really a whodunit. It's a play, right? The title of the play is oozing with irony. They fail to see the emotional clues that Minnie has left behind.

This play also happens to be a mystery. The sheriff and the county attorney arrive with the witness,, and at s farmhouse, where the police are investigating Wright s murder. After this line, all the guys yuck it up about how women never worry about important stuff, and then the guys head off to go do important man stuff like looking through the bedroom for evidence. Throughout, Glaspell whacks us in the face with just how disrespectful and condescending men can be towards women.

So it seems like all this unimportant woman stuff weren't just trifles after all. K. Her excuse that she somehow slept through him being strangled beside her in bed is pretty flimsy. Nowhere is this clearer than when the whydunit is solved, and we learn that Mrs. Wright snapped after her husband snapped the neck of her canary—and this was after years of neglect.

Covering up the evidence certainly is against the law but you must decide if Minniw was abused and if the end justifies the means. Analysis of trifles essay. The men do not think like women. .

A. He says this in response to the fact that Mrs. Wright seems to be more worried about her preserves bursting than she is about the fact that she's being held for murder. This is a moral judgment call. It's a piece of literature written mostly in dialogue that's never fully realized until it's brought to life by actors in front of an audience.

Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters would never have figured out what happened if they hadn't stayed in the kitchen (a. Seriously, these guys are all-out jerks. It's a why dunit. The woman's place) and been looking through Mrs. Wright's quilt scraps. The title's irony rears its head when Mrs. Hale's and Mrs. Peters' concern with trifling women stuff ends up solving the mystery.

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