Advantages of case study method in sociology

 For those individuals with impacted cuspids who seek orthodontic treatment, they can expect more complicated mechanics and increased treatment time. As you can see, there were tremendous restorative challenges due to asymmetrical proximal spacing, tooth size discrepancies, and asymmetrical anterior dental midlines. We treat each market as unique and India, in this respect, is no different. The orthodontist had already decided that restoring 66 and 76 was not feasible due to the poor restorative prognosis and were planned for extraction.  Of course, CL II management in non-growing patients presents challenges in treatment as well, with a need to consider upper bicuspid extraction or surgical correction of a skeletal discrepancy to achieve an acceptable result. India is a price sensitive market and therefore we will be devising our strategy for her very carefully…Retailing is like a game of three dimensional chess where we operate as a local, regional and global player, so depending on the needs of the market we shall change our format and adapt. In most countries, supermarket chains create and manage well-oiled supply chains to offer consumers lower prices and dampen inflationary trends.

Figure 8 shows impacted cuspids 68, 78, pegged lateral incisors, supernumerary tooth between 77-79 as well as severe maxillary crowding and moderate mandibular arch crowding.  With proper management, a very acceptable result is often possible. This was due to the posterior rotation of the mandible and contributed to the open bite tendency and a class II malocclusion. …Wal-Mart is in no hurry to unfurl the Wal-Mart flag nationally. One solution for peg laterals with poor prognosis can be substitution of the cuspids into the lateral incisor position.

Discusses implications of the suitability of individuals to telecommuting. The prevalence of impacted cuspids is approximately one to two percent of the population. Advantages are weighed against disadvantages: to individuals, possible sense of isolation, lack of separation between work and home to organizations, costs involved in transition to new work methods, training, and damage to commitment and identification with the organization finally, society is faced with a danger of creating detached individuals. As the impacted cuspids were approaching the central incisors, the cuspids were erupted in the position of the central incisors post extraction.  There is a similar prevalence of cases with peg lateral incisors.

But then it s a fallacy that in India it is always about low price. His open bite was compounded by factor of his central incisors as seen in Figure 8. Emerald Group Publishing has become the world's leading scholarly publisher of journals and books in business and management These situations also present challenges for the orthodontist and the restorative dentist alike. The easiest thing is to roll out stores, but the most difficult is to sustain and feed them.

Raj Jain, President of Wal-Mart India in May 7559. In each market that we operate, we look to be local. Advantages of case study method in sociology. The pegged lateral incisors were maintained to assist with orthodontic anchorage. Arti Singh, vice-president of Corporate Affairs at Bharti Wal-Mart.

Inflation in India is touching decade-highs.  This case report presents an interesting patient presentation that combines all of these considerations. Will Wal-Mart s supply chain work in India? Due to severe time limitations, we didn t have the ability to do any pre-preparation wax-ups or diagnostic aesthetic evaluations. John B Menzer, President and CEO, Wal-Mart International.

Examines the advantages and disadvantages of telecommuting to the parties involved and affected by it. Companies like Tata, Birla and Reliance have all attempted to enter food-and-grocery retailing in India with mixed success. The phenomenon of telecommuting has implications for individuals and organizations, and society generally. S. Key advantages to individuals are increased autonomy and flexibility to organizations, increased human resource capacity and savings in direct expenses and to society, a reduction in environmental damage, solutions for special‐needs populations, and savings in infrastructure and energy.

Figures 9 and 5 show the final orthodontic position with 68, 78 in the position of (formerly extracted) 66 and 76. India is not a homogeneous market, so ours is not a cookie-cutter approach from the U.

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