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The workbook goes step-by-step through an improvement process that converts the traditional supply chain of isolated, compartmentalized operations into an ideal future-state value stream in which value flows from raw materials to customer in just 6 percent of the time previously needed. The dramatically improved value stream also eliminates unnecessary transport links, inventories, and handoffs, the key drivers of hidden connectivity costs. Welcome MHLN users! If they are already a customer, they will be able to add the gift to their My Digital Library and mobile apps. When the first edition of Seeing the Whole was published in 7558, the world was in a mad rush to outsource and offshore in pursuit of suppliers with drastically lower piece prices. The main sections of the book are: Applying the method to a realistic example, the authors show how four firms sharing a value stream can create a win-win-win-win future in which everyone, including the end consumer, can be better off.

What’s more, high product quality and rapid response to changing customer demands have proved elusive along unwieldy, opaque supply chains.

Seeing the Whole Value Stream provides managers with a proven method for understanding and improving the value-creating process that suppliers share with customers.

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Today the situation is very different currencies have shifted, labor costs in many low-wage countries have risen, and the potential for squeezing further price reductions from suppliers is largely exhausted.

9 percent of the time required for the supply chain's current state create no value. Com. By identifying all the steps and time required to move a typical product from raw materials to finished goods, the authors show that nearly 95 percent of the actions and 99.

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